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The Flood of July

The little ones ran through the back yard last night with sparklers in their hands, screeching with delight and anxiety.  It’s a rare for their parents to allow them to hold anything on fire.  Monty the Saint Bernard stood among them, panting, somehow seeming in charge of the situation. The teenaged girl had long since […]

Civil Liberties, Writ Small (No Spitting!)

Hey folks, why not come on up to Burlington this summer?  We’ve got a lovely waterfront, one festival every other weekend and heck, we do the little things well, things you might not notice, but enhance your tourism experience all the same. For example, our collection of quaint street people – vagrants and vagabonds, wanderers, […]

A View From the Bike

It’s summer and I’ve been trying to ride my bike for an hour or so every evening, for a number of reasons: I need exercise and biking spares the joints the way running doesn’t (until I crash), biking helps my body adjust to the heat (since I swelter in a hot little room all day), […]

Still America

The teenaged girl did not want to attend the Democratic mayoral caucus with me, but I didn’t give her a choice. Burlington will hold a mayoral election the first Tuesday of March, town meeting day.  Four candidates put themselves forward for the Democratic nomination.  Vermont caucuses and primaries are open to all registered voters in […]

Warmer and Wetter

My new year began with snow. Thirty-three inches of it, the biggest snowstorm in 120 years of recorded weather history in Burlington. It began Saturday morning and didn’t stop until Monday morning. I shoveled and napped, shoveled and napped. We were supposed to attend a holiday party Saturday night; instead we gathered at the neighbors […]