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Pink Collar Ghetto

My old boss, Sue Goetschius, was in the New York Times a few weeks ago.  Alfred University and Alfred State College were tussling with their namesake village over money.  Sue’s acting vice president for external affairs at the university, but three decades ago she was Allegany County bureau chief for the Olean Times Herald.  I […]

Luxury and Stupidity

Last week, I noted a December story from the New York Times regarding the shrinking global supply of food. That story was buried in section C. Today’s Times carries a more prominent piece on the global shortage of food oil, palm oil particularly. Like the earlier piece, this story highlights the competition between the first […]

Priced Out of the Market

A friend tipped me off to a small story from last month’s New York Times: “World Food Supply Is Shrinking, U.N. Agency Warns” You’d think it would be front page news, but it was buried in the section C. Food prices are spiking, especially for the world’s poorest people. Global warming is causing crops to […]

There are none so blind….

… as those who will not see. Sunday’s New York Times has a story about how the American business community is rushing the doors at the White House, hoping to get all sorts of lax regulations and deals in place before George Bush goes out the door in 2009. Anticipating Democratic gains in both houses […]

Ric Was Right

At the beginning and end of 2004, I wrote here that it would be the year that determined whether America would remain a democracy. The axis upon which that question turned was whether George Bush would receive a second term in the White House, but there was more to it than that. Through that year, […]