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You Can’t Lose Them All

Michael Ruppert came through town last May. Not familiar with him? Mr. Ruppert is a former Los Angeles police detective, who in 1996 famously confronted then-CIA Director John Deutch with allegations that the CIA was heavily involved in drug trafficking in the United States. From there he became something of a prophet. He doesn’t claim […]

Power to the People

You may have seen the headlines about riots in Lebanon in recent days. They can be easy to gloss over. We’re used to riots in the Middle East. These riots, however are not about Hezbollah or Israel – they’re about electricity. Five people died protesting that their power was cut off. Surely, if Lebanon was […]

Welcome to the Future

Oil futures hit $100 a barrel. That didn’t take long.

Victims of Oil

The shop around the corner raised the price of sandwiches by a quarter this week. Although the housing meltdown is raising concerns that it may take the whole American economy down with it, prices are going up and the reason is the cost of oil. Oil, and therefore gas, prices remain at near-record levels. A […]

Lessons From the Playground

Sunday was Father’s Day and a dad dropped by my front porch for a chat. He’s got a couple kids and like a good dad, he coaches some of their sports teams and shows up at games for the other sports. (It seems there are few single-sport athletes among the 8 and 10-year-old set in […]

Pardon My Skepticism

On March 5, the New York Times published a front-page story called “Oil Innovations Pump New Life Into Old Wells.” Getting new oil from “played out” wells was the thrust of the piece; as the price of oil rises, it becomes worthwhile investing new money into old wells. The article also indirectly took on the […]