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Pure Speculation

Along toward the end of August, I received an email from my state’s junior senator, Bernie Sanders (I).  I look forward to these because a) Senator Sanders is even more PO’ed about the state of the nation than most of his constituents (although right-winger politicians can say the same) and b) he’s not beholden to […]

Some Call it Gumbo

I’m busy this week and have many things on my mind and small bits of unfinished business, so while I usually restrict my commentaries to one topic, I’m going to borrow my friend Renee’s term and give you some Thursday gumbo – a little of everything. The good thing about beekeeping is you have ready […]

Whistling Past the Gas Station

I started writing about peak oil in this space in 1999; the last time I wrote about it (if I can believe my own search engine) was May 2008. Why so quiet lately? The recession. In that May 2008 post, I noted that Goldman Sachs was predicting an oil price of $200/barrel in 2010. But […]

The Least We Can Do

Summers are short in Vermont. You can feel this one beginning to slip away already with the recent chill in the evening air. It seems, however, that from the minute the snow melts until it falls again, someone is running a gas-powered engine within one hundred yards of my house. Power mowers, weed whackers, leaf […]

Still Doubting?

One of my more frequent and controversial topics of comment is peak oil. It was nine years ago this week that I first wrote of the phenomenon. For those of you who may have missed all those commentaries, here’s a quick recap. “Peak oil” is the term used to describe the situation that will occur […]

The Price of Certainty

This is an election year. It’s a war year, the fifth, soon to be the sixth. It’s a recession year. If recent trends continue, it will be a year of heat, drought and storms. All of this year’s presidential candidates – the ones that have dropped from the race and the ones still in – […]

Always on a Friday

I should have known and checked on Saturday. The Bush administration, top to bottom, releases bad news on Friday. This rule even applies to fairly obscure agencies like the Energy Information Administration, which updated its world oil supply and demand numbers Friday. The news is bad once again. (To see the numbers, click here scroll […]