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America’s Worst Enemy

In a post Thursday, I expressed concern over what damage George Bush and Dick Cheney might do in the 11 months they have remaining in office. Our worst fears were fulfilled within hours. That day, before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the man who was supposed to be better than Alberto Gonzales, […]

There are none so blind….

… as those who will not see. Sunday’s New York Times has a story about how the American business community is rushing the doors at the White House, hoping to get all sorts of lax regulations and deals in place before George Bush goes out the door in 2009. Anticipating Democratic gains in both houses […]

Impeachment Now!

In Zen Buddhism, there is the idea that while enlightenment can takes years of meditation and discipline, it can also happen in a flash. Suddenly, the mind becomes clear and everything makes sense. In Zen, it’s called satori, which means “kick in the eye.” I had one of those Monday when a local blog quoted […]

The Money Primary

Early in the Republican primary race to see who would challenge Bill Clinton in 1996, then-Texas Senator Phil Gramm said, “The only primary that counts is the money primary and I’ve already won it.” Mr. Gramm raised and spent an impressive $20 million, but he was nonetheless out of the race before New Hampshire citizens […]

Ric Was Right

At the beginning and end of 2004, I wrote here that it would be the year that determined whether America would remain a democracy. The axis upon which that question turned was whether George Bush would receive a second term in the White House, but there was more to it than that. Through that year, […]

The Far Side of Apocalypse

This week’s news is dominated by the war debate in Washington, where the president and his generals urge the Congress to pour more lives and money into the Pit of No Progress. Elsewhere in the news, Russia’s Vladimir Putin fired his prime minister and legislature, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation after months […]

Slime of War

If there can be a good war, then World War II was it. It was an unambiguous battle between good and evil and the good guys won. Another bonus was – oddly – the universal draft that pulled men from all walks of life and ranging in age from late teens to early 40s. The […]