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Shakespearean Outlines

First, let me admit I was wrong.  Last week I predicted that incumbent Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell would defeat challenger TJ Donovan by five percentage points in the Democratic primary.  Actually, Mr. Sorrell won by fewer than two points.  I was right about Mr. Donovan winning the city of Burlington (home to both men) […]

Undignified, Discourteous

Two months ago I wrote about the only political race of interest in Vermont – the Democratic primary for attorney general.  Primary day is Tuesday and a race I described as “dignified and courteous” eight weeks ago is now anything but. Fifteen-year incumbent Attorney General Bill Sorrell, 65 and Chittenden County State’s Attorney TJ Donovan, […]

Law and Order

Another too-warm Vermont winter sputters to an end. My backyard, bereft of snow, is a mottled greenish-brown. Over in Montpelier, America’s smallest state capital, legislators – about to return after town meeting recess – are bogged down (as are their counterparts across the nation) trying to cut spending quickly enough to keep pace with the […]

Stupid Political Games

Some people don’t like politics because it often seems so stupid and immature. Strike that – people don’t like politics because it often is stupid and immature. In the month since Barack Obama’s inauguration, we’ve been (mis)treated to some of the worst displays of puerile politics in recent memory, which might be amusing, if the […]

A Win for Howard

An unheralded winner in Thursday’s Iowa caucuses was Howard Dean, whose own presidential candidacy died in those snows four years ago. In 2005, Mr. Dean won the chair of the Democratic National Committee, much to the dismay of the Clinton clique and the Democratic Leadership Council. Mr. Dean portrayed himself – as a candidate and […]