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Stop Making Sense

Yesterdays’ Wall Street Journal carried an op-ed attacking Barack Obama for a draft executive order which would require businesses contracting with the federal government to disclose their owners’ political contributions over $5,000. One of the authors is John Yoo, who famously wrote memos authorizing torture for the Bush administration. So, on one hand, Mr. Yoo […]

What Might Have Been

Years ago, when the Earth was young, a talk show host in Ohio named Phil Donahue managed to get famous consumer advocate Ralph Nader to appear on his show. Mr. Nader liked the young man’s style of interview and audience participation and told Mr. Donahue he would return to the show if invited. Over the […]

What Might Have Been

Any native-born American over the age of 35 can run for president. Period. That doesn’t make it a good idea. Politico reported the other day that Ralph Nader is contemplating another run at the White House. Sure, he can do it, but why would he? I defended Ralph back in 2000. It wasn’t his fault […]