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Daddy Issues

Whatever happened to Leslie King, Jr? He grew up to be president of the United States, but we know him as Gerald R. Ford, Jr.  Mr. Ford’s mother left his father (who was said to be abusive) 16 days after little Leslie’s birth.  Two years later, she married Gerald Ford, Sr. and though the future […]

Where Does That Leave You?

We ignore the seasons in our post-industrial age, but they must hold some portent beyond what we see on WeatherUnderground.com. How else to explain the madness of late summer when world wars and terrorist attacks are launched, the lunacy of last year’s congressional town hall meetings or the contrived narrative arc that’s spooled out this […]

Headed for Trouble

Shortly after he was nominated as Barack Obama’s running mate, reporters overheard Joe Biden speaking with a National Guardsman. “If I had your hair, I’d be president, you know what I mean?” Mr. Biden said. “I wouldn’t be screwing around with this job.” Mr. Biden, long known for working the border between candor and too […]