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Taking One for the Team

Lately, when I sit around and talk about sports with my friends, I ask this question: “Rank the order in which you think professional sports are more or less honest.” It’s not easy. Most people agree pro wrestling is at the bottom and boxing and horse racing are not far from it. Not that any […]

Don’t Do the Crime….

Never mind about doing the time, just don’t do the crime. Eliot Spitzer was my kind of politician (past tense intentional). He went after corporate criminals, the criminal class everyone else ignores, he vowed to clean up corrupt government. I would have voted for him for president. That was then. Now his career is over, […]

Double American Standard

Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig is all over the news this week after the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reported he’d pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor following his arrest in a restroom in the Minneapolis airport. According to police reports the senator, seated in a stall, tapped his foot, then scooted it toward an undercover […]