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An American Tragedy

Here’s a sad, true story. On September 17, construction worker Timothy Hill of Willston, Vermont was struck in the head with a shovel. He did not seem seriously injured and soon left the job site in his pickup. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Hill lost consciousness behind the wheel. His truck jumped a curb on Route 2 […]

Summer’s Over

Labor Day was late this year, so even though we had the warmest weather ever for our annual camping trip up near the Canadian border, the leaves were more than usually tinged with color. One mountain maple blazed fiery red on the shore of the reservoir as I floated along in a canoe at sunset. […]

Condemned to Repeat It

The actual quote from George Santayana is, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (Those who cannot remember the quote are condemned to misquote.) Today’s New York Times has a story about Ted Kennedy’s posthumous memoir, in which he says President John Kennedy’s “antenna” was up over the misbegotten situation in […]

Lost in the Hospital

In a small northern city in the middle of the winter, it seems like the middle of the night when you arrive at the hospital. Everything is dark and cold, but the parking garage is alive with activity as couples and families pull one small bag from the trunk and lock up their cars. If […]

The F Word

Two pieces in the MSM flagships today on one theme – fairness. In the New York Times, Paul Krugman compares Barack Obama’s health plan to John Edwards’s and Hillary Clinton’s and finds it wanting. The reason: Mr. Obama would not make health insurance mandatory. People could choose to remain uninsured, then opt into the system […]