Stuck in Neutral

This is why we’re doomed when it comes to global warming. The science in clear and abundant, sensible options for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide are many and available – although each will require some inconvenience and cost.

Our leaders, however, who can see no interest beyond their own terms of office, will only commit to the stupidest of ideas.

Case in point:

This spring, the Vermont Legislature made global warming a priority. It passed a comprehensive bill to encourage energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy sources. Governor Jim Douglas (R), vetoed the bill, but promised to come up with an even better plan.

The governor established the commission on climate change, which in October proposed 38 ideas for reducing Vermont’s contribution to global warming, many of them similar to those proposed by the legislature.

Mr. Douglas ignored his own commission and is instead promoting the notion that the state government and the University of Vermont will develop what he calls “Vermont Green Standard,” designed “to define the financial value of offsetting CO2 emissions.”

Carbon offsetting does not do a damn bit of good; it’s only purpose is to sooth people possessed of superficial conscience and intellect. Paying someone ten dollars to plant a tree in Africa does not give you the right to drive a Hummer.

A couple of lads in England, appalled as you might expect by the concept of carbon neutrality, decided to expand the concept to marital infidelity. If you can spew carbon and pay someone not to, why not cheat on your spouse and pay someone to remain faithful or celibate?

Why stop there? Pay someone to diet while you binge, to take in orphans while you beat your kids or give to the poor while you cheat on your taxes? (Uh, I guess we already have that last one….)

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