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Godwin’s Scale

Hillary Clinton, frantically flailing to keep her brand fresh until 2016, this week compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler and then, having secured the requisite attention, “clarified” her remark, saying she wasn’t comparing Mr. Putin to Mr. Hitler.  Got that? You might say Ms. Clinton was invoking Godwin’s Law, which states: “As an online discussion […]

How to Read the Washington Post

Sunday, the Washington Post published “Obama allies’ interests collide over Keystone pipeline,” which on its face is a news story.  It’s also a guide to life in our nation’s capital. The gist of the story is that when it comes to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, the White House is pinched.  On one side are […]

Bin Laden Furor: It’s All Theater

The UK Guardian ran a story Monday about a secret deal between the US and Pakistan, reached in 2001, shortly after Osama bin Laden gave our troops the slip at Tora Bora. (Heckuva job, Rummy!) According to active and retired officials from both nations, if the US got a shot at bin Laden, they were […]

The Real McCain

I hate to keep doing this, because I think it’s unfair to Barack Obama, but I can’t help it. I keep seeing, in this campaign, shades of the 1992 Bush/Quayle-Clinton/Gore matchup. In the last month of the ’92 campaign, with a sluggish economy controlling the debate, the Republican candidate was falling behind in the polls. […]

Blood and Treasure

Less than a week later, Adrienne and I headed back out for the vigil. The half-dozen senior citizens and nuns who have been there every day for nearly seven years were happy to have us back, even if it meant one of our infrequent thresholds – in this case, the 4,000th American death in Iraq […]

How to Build a Bandwagon

We wake this morning in a new world. The news this morning is that a number of Hillary Clinton’s pledged superdelegates are switching their allegiance to Barack Obama. The group, led by civil-rights veteran and Georgia Congressman John Lewis, say they are reacting to the popular primary votes in their state, but they are also […]


I never voted for Bill Clinton. I might have, but when he ordered the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a brain-damaged convict just before the 1992 “Super Tuesday” primaries, I wrote him off as an opportunist for whom I would never vote. I’ll never vote for Hillary Clinton. She strikes me as someone cut from […]