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Week two of the WikiLeaks massive document dump and I have yet to be surprised. By anything. I’m not surprised the US government has a dishonest and unreliable partner in Afghanistan, the State Department thinks Vladimir Putin is an ass, the Americans put pressure on the Germans not to prosecute the CIA assets that kidnapped […]

New Hampshire Results

No excuses. I purposely made my New Hampshire prediction on Saturday, because I didn’t want to be influenced by the weekend polls. My ulterior motive was that if I called it correctly from three days out, I’d look really smart. I don’t look smart this morning, but if I’d had access to those weekend polls, […]

New Hampshire Predictions

New Hampshire is harder to predict than Iowa. Rather than bringing clarity to the race, Thursday night’s upsets make New Hampshire more complicated. The wild cards in the Granite State are the independents, who can vote in either primary (but not both). Conventional political wisdom says they will throw their support to John McCain and […]

Iowa Results

Tuesday I predicted Hillary Clinton would leave Iowa weaker than she went in, that Barack Obama or John Edwards (but not both) would finish ahead of Ms. Clinton in the caucuses. I predicted the Republican finish would be Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, John McCain. I was not so wrong that I mind taking a lump […]

Iowa Predictions

This ain’t kid stuff. If I’m going to put one of these things up on the web, I should have the courage to make some predictions. If I’m wrong, I’ll take my lumps; if I’m right, I’ll try not to gloat. On the Democratic side, my prediction is: Hillary Clinton comes out of Iowa weaker […]