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One Other Thing…

Like many others, I think the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer colloquy on The Daily Show was a great, straightforward explication of some of the issues that have caused the recent financial havoc in the financial markets and more important, how the screaming heads on tee vee threw fuel (by which I mean, our retirement funds) on […]

I Can’t Blog

Maybe it’s like dancing, I don’t know. I’m not very good at that either. Justin, my web guru (whose Green Galoshes is linked down there to the left), sat me a down over a cup of coffee last fall and tried, as he periodically does, to help me improve this page. He told me to […]

Sorry, Walter

I guess I owe a 24 years-belated apology to Walter Mondale. As it transpires, it wasn’t all his fault he got blown out by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Part of the problem was his boneheaded, run off at the mouth vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro. It only took 48 hours and multiple, abrasive appearances on […]

Don’t Do the Crime….

Never mind about doing the time, just don’t do the crime. Eliot Spitzer was my kind of politician (past tense intentional). He went after corporate criminals, the criminal class everyone else ignores, he vowed to clean up corrupt government. I would have voted for him for president. That was then. Now his career is over, […]

How to Build a Bandwagon

We wake this morning in a new world. The news this morning is that a number of Hillary Clinton’s pledged superdelegates are switching their allegiance to Barack Obama. The group, led by civil-rights veteran and Georgia Congressman John Lewis, say they are reacting to the popular primary votes in their state, but they are also […]

America’s Worst Enemy

In a post Thursday, I expressed concern over what damage George Bush and Dick Cheney might do in the 11 months they have remaining in office. Our worst fears were fulfilled within hours. That day, before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, the man who was supposed to be better than Alberto Gonzales, […]

Live the Dream!

It’s snowing in Burlington today, but it’s never too early to begin planning for spring break. This year, you might want to throw the kids in a plane and hustle on down to EPCOT at Walt Disney World. (EPCOT, btw, stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” – a rare “triple redundancy” and evidence of […]