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Nobel, Schmobel

It was pretty clear the Nobel Peace Prize committee goofed when they awarded the 2009 version to Barack Obama, apparently for the sole reason that he was not George W. Bush.  I have sympathy for their error; I was as tired of W’s arrogant idiocy as anyone. Four years later, I wonder if the Nobel […]

Last Day to Feed the Bees

Tuesday, the 15th, was the last day to feed the bees, at least in this part of the Champlain Valley.  To ensure a sufficient supply of food to keep a colony healthy through the winter, a hive should weigh 160 or so pounds by now.  Most of that’s honey, but to top off a hive, […]

Going Down in History

I studied history in college and feel an obligation, as a witness to history, to write something about the political hostage taking in Washington, but I (like everyone I know) have crisis fatigue.  Really, since 9-11 it’s been one war, recession, mass murder or environmental disaster after another. In the first of these posts for […]

Pink Collar Ghetto

My old boss, Sue Goetschius, was in the New York Times a few weeks ago.  Alfred University and Alfred State College were tussling with their namesake village over money.  Sue’s acting vice president for external affairs at the university, but three decades ago she was Allegany County bureau chief for the Olean Times Herald.  I […]

All in the Family

I try to do this on Thursday each week.  It doesn’t always work, more so as time goes on.  I’ve missed more weeks this year than in the previous 16 combined.  My hours and days overflow, other priorities push their shoulders into the crowd, as they should.  I hate missing deadlines, even self-imposed, especially weeks […]

Thousand-Pound Missile

I attended a middle-age rite of passage last night as my daughter took me to her high school cafeteria for the mandatory meeting of parents of students taking driver’s education this semester. Seventy-five students (in various states of eye-rolling exasperation at having to be seen with a parent in front of their peers) and parents […]

You Can Be Too Rich or Too Thin

The New York Times posted a story this evening reporting a series of experiments at St. Louis’s Washington University in which bacteria from the guts of thin humans were injected into the guts of fat mice and the mice grew thin. Forget cancer, let’s research something with market potential, damn it.  Have you paid no […]