You Can Be Too Rich or Too Thin

The New York Times posted a story this evening reporting a series of experiments at St. Louis’s Washington University in which bacteria from the guts of thin humans were injected into the guts of fat mice and the mice grew thin.

Forget cancer, let’s research something with market potential

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, damn it.  Have you paid no attention to Viagra?  Modern medicine is about what we want, not what we need.  The Washington research stands on the shoulders of similar procedures developed to treat irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease but has a clearer notion of where the money is.  This ain’t brain surgery, people.

Times reporter Gina Kolata, showing her usual restraint, waited all the way until the fifth paragraph to cut to the chase: replicating this experiment human-to-human merely requires a fecal transplant, which, however off-putting it may sound, is pretty simple.

Read the story yourself.  There’s plenty of this bacteria in that mouse and the bacteria from skinny people outcompetes bacteria from overweight people (provided the mice then followed a low-fat, high vegetable diet).  (Did I mention I ate a bowl of ice cream after reading this?)

Not so fast, says Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, who led the study and Dr. Jeffrey Flier of Harvard (you know he’s important).  The doctors Jeffrey insist much more research needs to be done before some pharmaceutical company figures out how to patent all this and then the Food and Drug Administration will doubtless need several years of exhaustive study to ensure the political appointees at the top of that agency receive adequately-compensated industry positions when they revolve out of government um, service.

Which will, of course, inevitably lead to the purely 21st century spectacle of obese Americans streaming across the Mexican border to pay to have shit from thin Mexicans (starved by NAFTA) pumped up their asses through a tube.  Or maybe just drink the water.  I don’t know how, but somehow the Mexicans will wind up on the short end of the transaction.

“It would not surprise me if someone somewhere starts doing it,” the Times quotes Dr. Robert Karp (no, Karp) of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

That could be the workaround for “healthy diet afterward” drawback of the project.  We can keep pumping ourselves full of crap (the other kind) at McFriendly’s and head south of the border for a colon blow every 90 days or so.  (Why not?  Keith Richards had his blood laundered back in the 70s.)

Maybe the drug cartels will take over and start smuggling Mexican shit into Arizona through tunnels.  (“Hey man, I got my hands on some of that Mexican shit.”  “Really?  That’s good shit, man.”)  There’s a Cheech and Chong remake in here somewhere.

What will this do for the immigration debate?  What, uh, position will GOP senators take on this?  Since Americans tend to treat Mexicans like dogs anyhow, perhaps it’s appropriate to follow them around with plastic bags, waiting for them to take a crap.

So don’t eat sensibly, don’t exercise.  In a world of malnutrition, we can afford to let others be thin for us by proxy.  Who was it said the poor (and thin) will be with us always?  Maybe Proctor and Gamble was onto something with Olestra after all.

© Mark Floegel, 2013

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