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Entertaining, Unaware

I read the Bible.  This seems to irritate everyone. My atheist friends don’t get it; many of them fail to appreciate the book at any level.  That’s a pity, because even if the Bible is just a collection of stories, its echoes are heard throughout western culture.  (Is that hegemonic?  Yep, but that’s the culture […]

The Irish Letter

Before the Internet, the passing along of office jokes had to be accomplished with typewriters and copiers.  I remember a few of these coming into my house when I was a child.  (Copiers were then new technology, but Rochester was the home of Xerox). One that stuck in my head was the prototypical “letter from […]

Why Are We All So Scared?

Tom Tancredo, the Republican congressman from Colorado is running for president, but he’s not running for president. He has no chance of winning the nomination; he’s running to inject his racist, vindictive views on immigration into the debate. One-issue candidates seeking to shift the dynamic of a race are nothing new, but they’re rarely as […]