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Can I See Some ID?

I was in Washington a few weeks ago and attended an event at a bar.  I showed up with my colleague Charlie; we’re both in our 50s, our hair is gray or thinning or both, our faces seamed by decades of care.  No one could mistake us for teens, but we pulled out our photo […]

One Nation, Under Water

Did you heave a sigh of relief on January 20th? Did you think, “Finally, we’ve got less than a year before we get these criminals out of the White House”? Don’t celebrate yet. The Bush/Cheney appetite for crime will likely increase, if anything, in the months ahead. This morning’s Washington Post gives good examples. Attorney […]

Eerie No More

Last October, I wrote about the electronic political markets at the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. I noted then that the market had been eerily prescient in the 2000 election, predicting Al Gore would get the most votes, but George Bush would win the election. As the poet said, “Noting gold […]

The Theme Park

Twenty-five years ago, I worked at a theme park in central Florida, the one with the mouse. It was not a good fit; I lasted about 90 days, then fled back north. I learned some things, however, and the lessons stayed with me. The first thing I learned is that appearance is reality. The theme […]

Iowa Results

Tuesday I predicted Hillary Clinton would leave Iowa weaker than she went in, that Barack Obama or John Edwards (but not both) would finish ahead of Ms. Clinton in the caucuses. I predicted the Republican finish would be Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, John McCain. I was not so wrong that I mind taking a lump […]

Iowa Predictions

This ain’t kid stuff. If I’m going to put one of these things up on the web, I should have the courage to make some predictions. If I’m wrong, I’ll take my lumps; if I’m right, I’ll try not to gloat. On the Democratic side, my prediction is: Hillary Clinton comes out of Iowa weaker […]