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Through the Watershed

I imagine you’re as sick of political campaigns as I am, so I want to make a few last points about what happened Tuesday and then I hope we can stop thinking about politics for a few months at least. Maybe it was exhaustion, but by the time Mitt Romney conceded early Wednesday, I had […]

The Wrong Direction

I’m back in Washington, DC this week; Tuesday evening I flipped on the radio to listen to President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan. Clearly, there are no good options available, but the choice Mr. Obama’s made seems worse than it needs to be. The Afghan war is an oil war. The connection is not as clear […]

Statistic of the Day

According to a report in today’s Washington Post 35,000 people moved to Florida last year. This was unusual, because the Sunshine State’s annual population are more on the order of the 268,000 who moved there in 2005. The Post reporter, Peter Whoriskey, speculates that high taxes and the cost of hurricane insurance are making Florida […]