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Faster Than Ever

It’s supposed to snow tonight. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, tomorrow night and into the middle of Saturday morning. Except during the warmer, mid-day hours tomorrow, when it’s supposed to turn to rain and then back into snow. Spring snow is not unusual around here, but tonight’s will probably carry radiation. It’s been dry since […]

Some More Than Others

We’re all Japanese now. Some of us more than others. I’m in the latter group. In Vermont, we’ve been trying for years – and we’re close to success – to shut the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vernon, in the southeast corner of the state, where Vermont joins New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It’s a General […]

Drinking Dry the Sea

Consider the environmental woes that confront us. Consider drinking dry the sea. They feel about the same. Global warming, overfishing, deforestation, uncontrolled release of genetically modified material, nuclear waste. So cut it down, make it manageable. Choose a single issue – say the release of toxic chemicals into our air, soil, water and our bodies. […]

One Other Thing…

Like many others, I think the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer colloquy on The Daily Show was a great, straightforward explication of some of the issues that have caused the recent financial havoc in the financial markets and more important, how the screaming heads on tee vee threw fuel (by which I mean, our retirement funds) on […]